Mystique Pole Dance - School - Location

Our studio with its three class rooms is located on the west side of Zurich. The address (with some description) is as follows:
Mystique Pole Dance
Badenerstrasse 816
8048 Zurich, Switzerland
  • It is close by the bus station "Micafil" (Tram 2, one stop after "Farbhof")
  • It is behind the Coop gas station and a China Restaurant and a pizza guy is located directly at the building's entrance
  • There are parking spaces that can be used in the evening. Ask us, which ones are unproblematic, as there are also others on whose one gets towed away.
  • It is on the first floor, just up the stairs from the entrance
Here's the map for this address (courtesy of
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And here are at last 3 photos of the studio:
Studio Photo 1

Studio Photo 2

Studio Photo 3